Emily 911

To: Kent Federation of Agriculture (KFA) Members, 

The Emily 911 project was started after a young girl named Emily Trudeau from Hastings County, Ontario suddenly died after being involved in a farming accident. The property did not have a posted 911 sign and hence the emergency responders had a difficult time finding the farm location. This initiative aims to encourage additional signage in rural areas, specifically on entrances to vacant farm properties. 

The municipality of Chatham Kent has two ways a land owner can order signs for their property; you can dial 3-1-1 and a customer service representative can take your information over the phone, or you can fill out this form 9c90e5_deaafaf9260047d68e62dda50a72e1da.pdf (farm911.ca) and email it to ckpw@chatham-kent.ca. 

There are a few details to consider when ordering your sign:
 • First time sign requests are supplied and installed by the municipality free of charge. Replacing a damaged or missing sign is at the land owner’s expense.
• The municipality will supply signage for 1 entrance per 50 acres. An exemption being if the farm is on a corner lot, the municipality will supply and install 1 sign on each road.
• If there are multiple bunk houses located on the same property, it is recommended that the land owner label them “Building A” “Building B” as opposed to applying for a 911 sign for both buildings. 

If you would like to learn more about the Emily 911 project you can visit their website HOME | Farm 911 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the KFA by phone (519)-674-1500 ext. 63595 or email kfa@uoguelph.ca

Sincerely, The Directors of the KFA