12(b) – Motion by Councillor Hall re Woodlot Preservation
1. The temporary by-law presented to Council on February 11, 2013 be passed, effective immediately, and expiring 120 days from the date of passing, or when repealed by a further vote of Council. Furthermore, administration be authorized to adjust any dates, signing names and other minor administrative matters within the by-law.
2. Administration be directed to:
a) Consider an incentive program, with the goal of preserving woodlots in the community and providing land owners with tangible and flexible options for being included in the program.
b) Launch a full public consultation process with interested parties, including virtual meetings and opportunities for comment on the Let’s Talk Chatham-Kent portal.
c) Conduct an analysis of best practices for incentive programs and woodlot preservation across Ontario.
d) Revise and update, for Council’s consideration, the current natural heritage policy.
e) Revise and update, for Council’s consideration, the by-law from February 11, 2013.
f) Present to Council all summaries, findings, analysis, comments, feedback, updated policies and bylaws in a report with recommendations, within 90 days of this motion being approved.”
Council requested that parts of the motion be voted on separately.

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